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Former CNP Lumber Mill Powerhouse

Former CNP lumber mill powerhouse, Wardner- Kikomun Road, Wardner, BC, Canada

The former CNP Lumber Mill Powerhouse near Wardner, BC has been long standing since the beginning of the 1900s when it was constructed for the Crownest Lumber Co. This giant powerhouse was a staple within the community and employed hundreds of men over the years. In 1913, a fire broke out in the wood walled structure of the powerhouse and quickly consumed the building, however it was almost immediately rebuilt and replaced with concrete, also rising in height during that time. The Crowsnext Lumber Co. continued to operate at this location until 1931 when it ceased production and sold off the vast majority of its equipment. The shut down was mainly due to a large amount of forest fires that consumed huge portions of land in the area and left little to be used. Enough equipment did remain to handle a few small jobs during the 1940s and 50s until it permanently closed in 1956. Another lumber company attempted to purchase and take over the building but it inevitably failed and the site has remained abandoned since 1963.

This massive concrete structure still stands today and can be appreciated from afar and up close in person by all visitors. As long as the site remains respected it should remain open to the public for the forseeable future.

Former CNP Lumber Mill Powerhouse
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