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Tranquille Sanatorium

Tranquille Farm Fresh, Tranquille Road, Kamloops, BC, Canada

The Tranquille Sanatorium is an abandoned site with many buildings left behind from the former operations that ran concurrently from the 1800's up until the late 90's. This site functioned as a tuberculosis hospital, a psychiatric facility, and a juvenile detention center before its ultimate demise. Escape rooms and tours have been held here in the past, however hopes of that returning are slim as plans to tear down and redelvop the site are still holding strong. Onlookers can still enjoy the sights from behind the fence line along Tranquille Road, but the site itself is highly restricted.

For the history of the Tranquille Sanatorium, check out this blog post: Tranquille Sanatorium: Hospital turned haunted

Tranquille Sanatorium
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