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Meachen Creek Falls

Meachen Creek Forest Service Road, Gray Creek, BC, Canada

The Meachen Creek Falls is a hidden gem located along the back roads near Kimberley and Marysville in the East Kootenay Region of BC. Turning off the main road south of Kimberley, you'll come up to the St Marys Lake Road which you will need to follow for about 25km as it turns into the St Marys River Road. After travelling down this road for 25km you'll come accross a bridge over the St Mary River, once accross you'll take a left and then a right onto Meachen Creek FSR. You can follow the FSR for about 8km to a small pullout on the road where you'll see a hidden trail into the trees. The trail is very short only about 200m and you can find yourself standing at the waters edge at the very top of the waterfall. There are several trails along the falls you can walk along and take photos. The trees provide some much needed coverage from the intense summer heat and the mist from the falls makes it feel that much cooler.

The roads to the Meachen Creek Falls is fairly easy to navigate and doesn't require any heavy duty 4x4 however road conditions are always changing and rock slides do occur on these back roads so be aware. For those looking for more of a 4x4 adventure, there are tons of trails along the FSR to go exploring out onto.

Meachen Creek Falls
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