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Fairmont's original bath house: The Indian Baths

Fairmont, BC is most well known for its beautiful landscapes, sceneries, and of course the famous Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. The resort itself brings in thousands of visitors each year from all over the province, country, and world to experience the natural hot springs for themselves. While the resort does have a handful of luxury pools that are naturally heated by the hot springs, the construction of the pools themselves are still very much modern.

The original bath house in Fairmont, BC
The original bath house in Fairmont, BC

If you're looking for more of an authentic hot spring experience however, the original bath house is still located at the Fairmont Hot Springs, and unlike the resort, this amenity is free. The original bath house is located on the top of a hill adjacent to a small parking lot within the resort. Visitors can drive directly to the parking lot and the hike up is only 5 short minutes.

The original bath house Indian Baths in Fairmont, BC
Entrance to the individual baths

The original bath house - or more commonly referred to as the Indian Baths - is a stone-built structure housing 3 ancient tubs with natural hot springs flowing directly through them. Constructed hundreds of years ago by native settlers, the baths were used by explorers to rest their bodies after long journeys across the land. Originally, the Indian Baths did not include the stone structure around the tubs, and the building was added later on to preserve this beautiful historic site.

The Indian Baths at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
Private hot spring bath

Anyone is allowed to visit the Fairmont Indian Baths, and it is completely free to do so. It is expected that you treat these sites with respect and decency, so future visitors can continue to enjoy the spot as well. While the baths themselves may look a bit on the slimy side, the natural hot spring water does continue to flow through them and you will still see visitors using them year after year.

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